I began operations in 1995 with a range of small infrastructure projects across the UAE.

Over our 26 years of history we have been growing slowly but steadily to become one of the leaders and prominent names in the contracting and building sectors of the UAE. We have developed projects in the water, electricity, sewage, street lighting, and fiber optic areas. Moreover, we have grown our in-house engineering and procurement teams and have hundreds of employees under the Fast Group of Companies.

I am proud and confident to say that Fast Building Contracting has become a one-stop-shop for companies looking for high-quality engineering services and steady growth.

Our team has structured itself under the Fast Building vision as a self-productive entity for every job we do. We have been pioneers at adopting both horizontal and vertical hierarchy and integration. This has allowed us to excel in our operational sub-sectors. This has proven to be a quality of value and advantage to our establishment that as we have grown together with our clients. We have always been quality and value-driven even if that means committing part of our profits to win a tender or for the sake of delivering a project on time completely satisfying all parties involved. 

Becoming one of the first UAE-based contracting companies has played a role in our expansion. Here is how we have contributed to the maturing of engineering services in the UAE:

We have been blessed with the path we have embarked on in the UAE, and we have been part of some of the most iconic projects in the Emirate of Sharjah. Some of our projects include the Islamic  Manuscripts House, Africa Hall – Shj, Al Jawaher Centre, Department of Economic Development, Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Qasba Water Canal, and the Center of Gulf Studies – these are just among the few projects we have successfully completed in Sharjah. We take pride in every single project and milestone as we execute highly technical construction projects that would be rendered challenging by most contracting companies. Having that said, this industry in the UAE has advanced enormously with the country’s growth from its rules and regulations, permit systems, and infrastructure developments, and technology.