Born in 1959 in Rafah; Gaza Strip, Fathy Afana grew up during his childhood in Palestinian refugee camps where he completed his secondary education in the scientific curriculum while receiving academic excellence. Afterwards, Fathy continued to fulfill his passion for education in the Arab Republic of Egypt where he received his university degree in applied engineering from the University of Helwan.
Fathy traveled to the United Arab Emirates and served at several workplaces until he founded Fast Building Maintenance Company in 1986
Fathy has been able to sustain success through steady growth and expansion, achieving record leaps through profound diligence and hard work by offering his clients excellence and high-quality products and services that meets the needs of both modern and traditional construction.


Humanities & Social Work


Being a humanitarian can be a choice but it is more of a way of life. Choosing to donate more than just money is what defines a philanthropist; choosing to donate your time, resources, expertise, and experience to those that need it and ensuring their wellbeing is what defines a humanitarian.

I started Fathy Afana Corporation for Humanitarian Works in 2018 in Palestine to give back to my home community what I wished I was given growing up in Rafah’s refugee camp. We have executed an uncountable number of events and campaigns since then and tried to listen to the needs of our people to give them what they need and more. We have supported student education and families in need with basic living resources to monetary funds, equipment and supplies towards their education and much more. This is just the beginning as we plan to expand the operational scope of the foundation to cover more ground and reach out to more families and individuals in need. In fact, we have started by funding and supporting other institutions who have scouted help to support their operations by collaborating with them on events.